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How do I connect to the Airtame in my classroom room?


Download and install the Airtame application from

Please use the Guest App installation.

Airtame website download view

Connecting to the Airtame:

  1. Turn on the room's TV or Projector.
  2. Make sure that you are on the input which displays the Airtame home page. The screen will have a box labeled "Present Wirelessly" on it. At the bottom of that box is a line that has the Airtame's IP address.
  3. Launch the Airtame application on your computer. Enter the Airtame's IP address (listed on the screen) where it says name or IP address.
  4. You will be asked for a PIN number; enter the PIN number displayed on the TV monitor/screen.
  5. Click on "Share Screen" to share everything or "Share Window" to share an application and clicking on that app window that you will share to the screen.

Other Devices

At this time iOS devices are unable to be used to connect to the Airtames at BSU or NTC. This means that iPhones or iPads will not connect.

You can connect an android device by downloading the Airtame application from your devices Playstore and following a similar process to connect.


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