HMU (Beaux Arts Ballroom): Smart Room Instructions

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Beaux Arts Ballroom (HMU): smart room instructions

The Beaux Arts Ballroom, located in Hobson Memorial Union, is one of BSU’s largest events room.

This large open room has many available technology configurations.  Please contact CTS to schedule a consultation or to reserve a technician to help you at your next event.

Connecting a laptop
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere. Press the Stage or the Audience button on the touch screen to turn on the projector and select where the laptop will be connected. The Stage connection is at the north side of the stage, and the Audience connection is on the north wall near the old screen. The screen will automatically come down when the projector is turned on.
  2. Connect the VGA or HDMI cable from the wallplate to the correct port on the laptop. An adapter may be necessary if the laptop does not have a VGA or HDMI monitor port. There is an HDMI cable with a ring of adapters in the media cabinet.
  3. VGA: Connect the audio cable to the headphone jack on the laptop if you wish to use the sound system in the room.
    HDMI: Audio jack is not required. On MacBooks using the HDMI adapter, you may need to go to System Preferences – Sound and select HDMI as the sound input.
  4. Power up the laptop. If the laptop display is not shown, configure the laptop to send output to a second display.
  5. Adjust the volume on the touch screen.
Showing TV
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere.
  2. Press the TV Cable button to show cable television. The projector will be turned on and the screen will come down automatically. Use the controls on the touch screen to select the channel to be shown. The cable provider is Paul Bunyan Communications.
  3. If the television isn’t showing, make sure that the cable box in the media cabinet is on.
  4. Adjust the volume on the touch screen.
Displaying a laptop with the wireless connection
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere.
  2. Press the Wireless button to bring up the wireless connection. The projector will be turned on and the screen will come down automatically.
  3. Connect your laptop to the wireless display. A wired connection is recommended for showing video.
  4. Adjust the volume on the touch screen.
Using the microphones
  1. For wireless microphones, choose a microphone and turn on the receiver in the media closet labeled with the same number as the microphone. You can’t use both a lapel and handheld microphone that are labeled with the same number, since they will interfere with each other.
  2. Press the Adjust Microphones button on the touch screen then press the up and down arrows for each microphone to raise or lower the sound level for each microphone in use. The numbers match the microphone receivers. A handheld microphone on the podium will generally need to be adjusted up so people can speak while standing at the podium without having to lean in to the microphone.
Overflow sound
  1. The East Ballroom is the overflow area. If the entire ballroom is in use, the Overflow On button should be green. Press the Overflow button to toggle between Overflow On and Overflow Off to turn the speakers in the East Ballroom section on and off.
Turn off the system
  1. Press the shut down button on the touch screen panel.
  2. Confirm or cancel the shutdown.
  3. Place the touch screen control panel on the charging dock in the media closet and lock the media cabinet.


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