VIDEO: Troubleshooting Classroom Video




How do I get my video to work in a smart classroom or conference room?


Check these suggestions if you are having trouble getting video to display in your classroom.

 If the laptop is not showing up on the screen: 

  • Make sure the projector is turned on. There should be a steady green light on the front of the projector if it’s on. If there is a flashing red light, the projector isn’t working.  Contact Classroom Technology Services for service.
  • Check physical connections. If using an HDMI adapter, make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged securely into the computer.  Make sure that only one cable, HDMI or VGA, is plugged in to the laptop.
  • HDMI  HDMI Cables
  • VGA   VGA Cable
  • Is anything showing on the projector screen? If it’s showing just the computer wallpaper but no icons, the laptop is set to Extend Desktop mode and should be changed to Duplicate Desktop mode (Win+P) or Mirror Displays MacOS (Systems preferences | Displays | arrangement option checked). 
  • If the room has a touchscreen and the screen is showing solid blue, please contact Classroom Technology Services for assistance.
  • Does the room have a touchscreen? 
    • If so, is the correct input selected?  Choices are Room PC, Laptop, DVD/VCR and Doc Camera. 



Confirm that the Hide Display option is unselected.


Display screen


  • If the room does not have have touch screen, check the Extron switch box — usually inside the instructor’s cabinet — and make sure the correct input is selected. There will be a green light on next to the button for the selected device. If all the lights are green, the box is not working. Usually unplugging it and plugging it back in will reset it and get things working again. 


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