SecureFileShare: How to use Minnstate's Secure File Share utility


How can I send data securely?


All Minnstate employees and students have accounts in SecureFileShare.


SecureFileShare exists to securely share data.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  1. Login with your StarID and password. 
  2. If you are presented with an Install the Upload/Download Wizard window, follow these steps (this process only needs to be performed once):
    1. Click the Install the Upload/Download Wizard link. Follow the instructions for any prompts.
    2. Click Run or OK on any pop-up windows.
    3. If not on the Home page, click the Home link (left side of the window underneath the Minnesota State logo). 
  3. From the Home page, scroll to the bottom and select Send a new package? 
  4. Enter the e-mail address In the To field. 
  5. Enter a subject in the Subject field. 
  6. Enter an explanation in the Note field. (Neither can be blank.) 
  7. Note: Text entered in the Subject field is sent unencrypted in an e-mail, so do not include any sensitive information in the Subject. 
  8. Attach the file(s):
    1. In the Files section, simply drag a file or click the upload files to launch the manual search option.
    2. In the pop-up window, click Browse
    3. Browse to and select the files/folders to be sent (multiple files/folders may be selected), then click Open.
    4. When all of the desired files/folders are displayed, click Next, then click Upload. 
  9. Click Send. An e-mail is sent to each recipient with a link to retrieve the file(s).
    Note: If you see a screen with a password for a recipient, that person doesn't already have a SecureFileShare account for that e-mail address. Make sure to copy the password since you can not retrieve it once you leave this screen. Let the user know their password (Please DO NOT send passwords via e-mail; a phone call or text message is a better option.); in this case, their user name is the e-mail address to which you sent the package.  
  10. For any recipient where no password screen is presented: that person already has a SecureFileShare, and should use that account to sign in. 
  11. When you see the message stating that the package has been sent, click Sign Out.
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