PC - HS 109 projector connection via Airtame


Faculty using HS 109


How can I connect to the projector in HS 109?


We have temporarily added an Airtame to the projector in HS 109 to use while hardware in the cabinet is being fixed. This will allow you to connect via the Airtame app to project your computer in the classroom, unfortunately the document camera and DVD player in the classroom are not functional at this time.

Turn the projector on by clicking the green button on the top right of the small white Sony Projector remote on the instructor station.

The projector should be showing "Present Wirelessly" on the screen to know its available

Present Wirelessly

If this is the first time using Airtame download and install the Airtame application from https://airtame.com/start

Please use the Guest App installation.

Airtame download website

After the Airtame application is installed select the Airtame icon in the system tray.

Airtame app in system tray

If "HS 109 Airtame" does not appear automatically in the Airtame application when opened, type the IP address listed on the projector screen into the search window of the app to find it. "HS 109 Airtame" should show below.

Click on the star in front of the title "HS 109 AIrtame" to add it to your favorites so you don't have to search for it again. Then click Share Screen.

Finding HS 109 in the Airtame app and selecting Share Screen.

A code will be displayed on the projector which you will need to enter into the app to connect.


Click the "Stop Sharing" button to end screen sharing to HS 109 Airtame.




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