Adding a printer in Windows 10

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How do I add a printer when using Windows 10?


Click on the Start icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen and type Control Panel.

Select Control Panel

Select Devices and Printers

Select Add a printer

You can wait for all of the printers campus wide to populate, but it will take a while and the list will be long.  It will be quicker to select The printer I want isn’t listed

Add a device image

Select Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature

Find a printer in the directory

Click Next

Next to Name enter the prefix of the building followed by the room number, or you can click in Location and type the first few letters of your building.

(For example, to find the printer in Decker Hall 108, enter DH108 in the Name field, or you can type Decker in the Location field)

Name of printer

Click Find Now

Double click on the printer you want to add

Find printer name

Click Next

Check Set as the default printer if desired

Click Print a test page if you like

Click Finish


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