HYFLEX: Using Hyflex Classrooms and Conference Rooms




What are the different types of hyflex classrooms and how do I use them?


We have a variety of classrooms that can be used for HyFlex courses.

HyFlex Classrooms

AIRC 128, BE 115, BE 413, DH 113, HS 116, HS 213, HS 214, M 230, M 240, PE 240, S 208, S 331

  • Use the USB cable with the yellow tag labeled Zoom/Camera/Mic Connection to connect the room camera and microphones to your laptop.
  • Launch Zoom or your desired videoconferencing or lecture capture software and select EasyIP Decoder for the camera and Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (EasyIP Decoder) for the microphone. In Zoom click on the ^ symbol next to the camera and microphone icons to change the selected camera and microphone. If you use the lapel or handheld microphone, they will also be sent over the videoconference connection.

Zoom Mic/Speaker Options


  • Press the Camera button on the touch panel to access the camera control screen. Use the arrow keys and the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons on the touch panel to position the camera as desired.
  • Press the Mics button on the touch panel if you need to adjust the microphone levels.
Zoom Rooms

AIRC 103 (GATHERING PLACE), BN 100, BG 303, M 300

Zoom Rooms have computers already connected to the room mic and cameras running Zoom software that is controlled by a touch panel. If you need to use software other than Zoom in a Zoom Room, please contact the Help Desk in advance to schedule assistance. Zoom documentation on using Zoom Rooms is available at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/sections/200787849-Attendee-Features.

  • Use the iPad with the Zoom controller software to control the meeting. Press the Join button on the left sidebar and enter the meeting ID of the meeting to join.
  • If the meeting is not already scheduled, you can start an instant meeting. Press Meet Now in the left sidebar. Use the search bar to find a user to invite. Press Meet Now to start the meeting.
  • If you have content on your laptop you would like to share, visit https://share.zoom.us and enter the meeting ID when prompted, or select Share Screen from the Zoom client. Do not join the Zoom meeting from your laptop, or you will cause feedback in the room.
Conference Rooms

M 170, M320, HMU Bridgeview

M 170 and M 320 are equipped with video conferencing cameras and microphones, connected to a PC in the room. You must use the room PC to join your videoconference, but Zoom, Teams or any other video conferencing software may be used.

HMU Bridgeview is equipped with a video conferencing soundbar with a webcam. Connect the USB cable from the soundbar to your laptop, and turn on the TV and set the source to HDMI 3 to use the system.

ITV Classrooms

AIRC 127

AIRC 127 is configured for room to room connections to ITV classrooms at other institutions. Zoom meetings can also be connected to an ITV classroom. Please contact Classroom Technology Services at ext. 2759 if you would like to use an ITV connection or Zoom connection in this classroom, since these connections must be scheduled through the Northwest Educational Technology System (NETS).


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