UPDATES: Using MS Software Center to Install Required System Updates




How do I install system updates on my windows computer?


Every month Microsoft and other publishers release updates to resolve bugs and security holes.

Updates will install automatically during the Computer Maintenance Window or immediately if the computer is out of compliance.  Minnesota State requires that this maintenance be completed within 14 days of release.

How to schedule updates:
  • Software Center will notify you when there are required updates, click on the notification for options.

Software changes are required

  • Click Schedule
  • ITS recommends that you install updates as soon as possible
  • Leave your computer on overnight when updates are required.
What happens if an update fails?

Typically Software Center will “fail” an update if something couldn’t be changed (i.e. a user was using files it was trying to update). It will automaticalltry again later during a maintenance window.

What happens if I ignore the notifications past the due date?

Software Center will install past-due updates immediately. This may cause interruptions or affect system performance. To avoid these interruptions, run updates as soon as possible.

Restart required


Why are all these updates important?

Once an update is released, the threat is also revealed to those who might want to exploit it. If we wait too long to update, the computer may become compromised and affect other devices or security on our network.

Why are there so many?

Software from all publishers is never finished or perfect. As problems are identified, vendors release updates to fix a given problem or improve the software.


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