The PaperCut Widget




Where do I find information about PaperCut?


The PaperCut widget keeps you informed about the cost of your print projects.

Have you noticed the PaperCut widget that opens automatically when you log on each day? It’s called the PaperCut MF Client, and it displays costs associated with your print usage.


When you send a job to a printer managed by PaperCut, your account will be charged and the widget will display your running monthly expense, highlighted within parentheses.

Want more info? Click the “Details…” link in the lower-right corner of the client to access the PaperCut dashboard. Enter your Active Directory credentials to log in (MyBSU username and password). From the dashboard you’ll be able to see more info about your PaperCut account including: total print jobs and pages, environmental impact of your print habits, recent print jobs, and more.

Each month your usage will reset to $0.  Managers and supervisors can also request access to summaries to track departmental printing costs.


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