WIFI: Wireless configuration instructions, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

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Students and Employees


How do I connect my personal iOS device to BSU's or NTC's wireless network.


1.  Click Settings

2.  Click Wireless

3.  Choose Other

4.  Type in BSU or NTC for the Network Name

5.  Select WPA2-Enterprise for the Security

6.  Enter your StarID username and password

  • StarID (for BSU students)
  • StarID@live.ntcmn.edu (for NTC students)
  • StarID@bemidjistate.edu (for BSU faculty and staff)
  • StarID@ntcmn.edu (for NTC faculty and staff)

7.  Accept BSU or NTC Certificate

These instructions may not be accurate due to the variability between different devices and operation systems. These are basic instructions for Apple which show you the different fields that might appear and the selection you should make.


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