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How do I hold a print job at a Toshiba printer until I manually release it?


The Toshiba Multifunction devices on campus have features called hold or private print. These features will hold your print job until you login to the Toshiba.  This is a great way to keep confidential documents confidential.

  1. Click File and Print.
  2. In the Print dialog box click on the double arrows next to Copies & Pages to view more options.
  3. Click on Print Mode to enable various job types such as NormalPrivate PrintProof Print, and Hold PrintClick on the double arrows next to Normal and select the desired job type and click Print.

Mac printing preferences


  • NormalSelect this to print a job normally (this is selected by default).
  • ProofSelect this to print the first copy of a multicopy job and then wait for approval before printing the remaining copies. If a print job is sent as a proof job, one copy of the job is printed and the remaining copies are saved in the proof job queue on the Toshiba, which are not printed until you activate printing from the touch panel display. This option allows you to check the job’s output before printing the remaining copies and thereby reduce paper waste.
  • PrivateSelect this to print a private job. When this is selected, specify the password in the field next to the box. The print job is saved in the private job queue on the Toshiba, and not printed until you activate printing from the touch panel display. This option is useful when you want to print a confidential document secured with a password. The user has to enter the password to print the private job when activating printing from the touch panel display.
  • HoldSelect this option to print a hold job. The print job, sent as a hold job is saved in the hold job queue on the Toshiba. This option is useful to prevent you from forgetting to remove printed sheets.

4. At the Toshiba login, press the print buttonselect the desired job type on the touch panel display. All your print jobs will be displayed, select the print job and press Print.


This does NOT work on HP printers.


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