MAC: Default Print Settings to Grayscale, Mac OS X, Google Chrome




How do I set my default print settings to grayscale in Google Chrome on a Mac?


How to set up grayscale printing options on your Macintosh computer using Google Chrome:


  1. In your web browser, select File>> Print.


  2. A window similar to the one below should appear. Some settings here can be adjusted, but depending on your needs, you may need to click on Print using system dialog… in the lower-left corner.

Print in Chrome


3. System Dialog will open up a window more-similar to the other print menus. You can select Presets: Default Settings (red box) to pick your custom preset from the drop-down window or select Show Details (green box) to expand your options.


Default print settings in chrome


Standard settings


4. If you click to Show Details, the window will expand and there will be another drop down menu labeled Layout. Click it and select Color/Quality. You can create a custom preset under this option.




  1. More options will appear. Unless your department uses different settings specifically, use these settings listed below:
    • Resolution Enhancement: Off
    • If print jobs (particularly text) come out blurry, try using Light or even Medium. Printer Resolution 600 dpi
    • Levels of Gray: Enhanced
    • EconoMode: Save Toner


  2. Now click on the drop-down menu next to Presets and select Save Current Settings as Preset

Save print settings


7. Create a name for the preset settings; such as, “Standard_Settings.”


Standard print settings in Chrome

  1. Click on the All Printers button to make this preset available to all printers connected to your computer. Hit OK.


  2. You should see the name of your preset settings listed under the Presets drop-down menu.

Chrome standard print settings


10. Click Print, to print using your preset settings.


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