Mac: Office 365 Migration Process for Mac OS






In preparation of our Office 365 Cloud migration, Mac users will need to complete the following steps to successfully use Outlook 2016 application.

There are 4 steps to this process.  They should be followed in this order.

  1. Back up your contact lists.  If you have any contact lists (contact groups, distribution lists), they will need to be exported so you can import them in to the new profile.  Contact lists will not automatically migrate to the new cloud.  Single contacts will.  If you don’t need to back up any contact lists, skip this step.  More info
  2. Delete your current profile (account).  You don’t need your profile in Outlook anymore.  All of the information it contained has been migrated to your profile.  More info
  3. Create a new profile (account).  The new profile will connect you to the new account inOutlook.  After this profile is completely added to Outlook, all of your mail, folders, events, and contact (minus contact lists) will be available to you again.  More info
  4. Import your contact lists.  If you backed up any contact lists, you’ll want to import them into the new profile so you can use them again.  More info

Remember, if you have any problems using Outlook on your computer, fall back to the Outlook client on Office 365.  More info


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