Logging in to the CAP Server (Staff)

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Employees, usually Staff, will need to use this to manipulate REPL data within an Access database.  This is a secure connection between your working environment and MinnState's REPL data.


How do I access and use the CAP Server?


The CAP server uses the RemoteApp service instead of Remote Desktop.  This means that you are connected to a program running on the remote computer, and not the entire computer. You will be running MS Access on the CAP server to do your work. Let’s start by creating a shortcut to the CAP server so you can find it again easily.

Creating a shortcut on your desktop to the CAP server.

  1. Open Computer
  2. Double-click on the ISRS (U:) drive
  3. Double-click on the USYS Folder
  4. Double-click on the DARS-CAP folder and locate the file named, “ACCESS”
  5. Right-drag (use right mouse button to drag and drop) the ACCESS icon to your desktop.
  6. Click OK to the security warning that will appear
  7. A mini-menu will appear after you release the right mouse button.  Select the “Create Shortcuts Here” option.
  8. After you’ve created the shortcut to your desktop, consider renaming it to something you’ll remember.  We recommend “CAP Server Access”.

Configuring access to the CAP server.

  1. Double-click your new shortcut.  You’ll see the following connection dialog.  Click Connect.
  2. When prompted, please enter your StarID credentials (same as you use to log in to your computer every day).
  3. Click OK to accept the MinnState Protected Server warning:
  4. You will now be logged into the new CAP server using your StarID credentials.
  5. The first time you run MS Access on this machine, you’ll have to go through the Office setup process. You won’t have to do this the next time you connect. Click Next:
  6. Click  Next:
  7. Select No Background and click Next:
  8. Click All Done:

Launching CAP server and accessing your data.

If this is the first time you have used the CAP server, you will not have any saved or “recent” menu items.  You are going to need to browse to the save location of your data.

  1. From the MS Access start menu, click Open Other Files:
  2. Click Computer then browse to locate your data.
  3. Typically, your CAP files (MS Access docs) are located within your Groups (J:) folders or with Custom Apps (P:).  Find your document and open it to view it in the CAP Server MS Access application.  Once we begin to use the new system, it will start to remember your preferences and your recent menu will again show your most frequently accessed files.

WHEW!  Congratulations, you did it.  You are now using the new CAP server.

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