MyBSU: How to log into MyBSU


Instructions on how to log into MyBSU



Students and Employees


How to log into MyBSU


  • Go to the MyBSU website:
  • Click on the drop down next to BSU Student to select the category that applies to your credentials.
    1. BSU Student
    2. BSU Fac/Staff
    3. NTC Student
    4. NTC Fac/Staff

MyBSU login drop down menu

  • Enter your StarID and your StarID password and click Login.

MyBSU login StarID and StarID Password

If it has been more than one year since you have taken classes at BSU then your MyBSU account will be disabled. The only way to gain access to the account again is to register for classes again. To register for classes without a MyBSU account you can click on the eServices link to the right of the login box on the MyBSU page and sign in with your StarID and Password.

If you are a current student or employee and are still having problems logging into MyBSU you may need to reset your StarID password, visit our knowledge base article "StarID: How to change your StarID password" for more information.




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