StarID: How to Activate Star ID without a Social Security Number

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How do I activate my Star ID without a social security number?


1.  Go to

2.  Click on Activate my StarID.

3.  You will arrive at a page with these options.

Activate star ID

4.  Click on I know my email address.

5.  Enter your email address and a verification code will be emailed to you. The email address you enter must be the one that you used when registering for BSU/NTC or your BSU/NTC student email account.

6.  Check your email for the verification code and enter it in the box shown below.

verification code


  • If you get an error “We cannot verify the email address that you have entered (Error Code: IAM-G007)” it means that the email address you entered is not one that MinnState has on file. If this happens contact the MinnState helpdesk at 1-877-466-6728

7.  Create a password that is at least 8 characters long, has upper-case and lower-case letters, number(s), and a special character. Passwords may not include your name.

8.  Your star ID and password expiration date will be displayed.

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