Outlook: What to do if you’ve fallen for a phishing attack




What do I do if I've fallen for a phishing attack?


You just got an URGENT! email that “your account is going to be turned off” if you don’t log in right now and confirm your settings…


You didn’t want your email to be shut off, so in a moment of panic you clicked that link and logged in with your StarID credentials…  Now you’re starting to second guess yourself… was that really an official web page?

  1. If you’ve clicked a link from a phishing email, entered any credentials on a questionable website, or have any reason to believe your account may have been accessed, you should reset your StarID password immediately!  Go to https://starid.minnstate.edu/ to begin the process.

Password donts

NOTE:  If you have reused this password with any other services, you should reset those accounts too.  Never use that password again.


  1. You should also check to make sure there are no unexpected email forwarding rules set up in your Outlook account.  It doesn’t take long for someone to make changes once they have your login credentials.  Setting up a forwarding rule allows someone to stay up-to-date on password reset notifications and alerts sent to your email.  They will try to regain access if possible.  Follow the instructions here to check your mail forwarding settings:  https://services.bemidjistate.edu/TDClient/84/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=2050
  2. Check e-services. Since StarID credentials allow access to BSU and NTC e-services, changes might have been made to your financial aid or course registration settings.  Please confirm these systems are accurate:
Direct Deposit for financial aid disbursement:
    1. Log in to MyBSU or MyNTC
    2. Click on e-services.



3. Select the Financial Aid link, then Direct Deposit Setup.



  1. Review your direct deposit accounts and make sure there are no inappropriate entries.

Routing number


  1. If you do notice something out of place (additional or modified accounts), please take a screenshot or copy the account number(s) before deleting them. Contact ITS help desk.


Course registration:
  1. Log in to MyBSU or MyNTC
  2. Click on e-services.
  3. Select the Courses & Registration link, then click Review My Plan or View/Modify Schedule.

Courses and Registration


  1. Review your course registrations and make sure there are no inappropriate entries.
  2. If you notice anything unexpected, please take a screenshot and contact Records office immediately.

The worst thing you can do is nothing.  The longer your account remains compromised, the more damage that can be done.



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