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How do I keep my Mac updated?


It is very important to regularly update your MacOSX computer.

Failure to apply these updates could cause your computer to be more vulnerable to security attacks and may affect its performance.  By default automatic updating is enabled on BSU Mac devices.  If you have disabled this, please be sure to routinely check for updates.

Get software updates for your Mac

Update OS X and other software through the App Store or from Apple.  Launch AppStore application to check for updates.

Mac updates

Install updates automatically

MacOSX can install updates automatically as they become available.

  • Click Turn On in the “Turn on Always Update?” notification, which appears the first time an update is ready.
  • Or turn on automatic updates in App Store preferences: choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click App Store.

If a restart is required, your Mac will schedule that over-night.

Install updates manually
  • Method 1:  In MacOSX, updates that haven’t been installed produce a badge next to App Store in the Apple menu, a badge on the App Store icon, or an App Store notification. You can use the App Store notification to install the update now or be reminded to install it later.

Software updates


Don’t have AppStop app on your mac?

If your Mac doesn’t have the App Store app, choose Software Update from the Apple menu, then follow the onscreen instructions.

More info:  How to Update Mac OS Link:


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