WINDOWS: Keeping your Windows Computer Updated




How do I keep my windows computer updated?


BSU ITS releases monthly updates for Windows computers.

Every month, BSU IT will release Microsoft and other software updates for your computer.  You will receive an alert from Window’s Software Center application when they are ready to install. These monthly software updates help secure our computers.  Please approve and apply these updates as soon as you see the notification.

Windows updates

Failure to apply these updates could cause your computer to be more vulnerable to security attacks and may affect its performance.  Some of the updates will ask you to reboot your computer.  The Software Center will notify you if a reboot is necessary or will automatically schedule a reboot if updating during a maintenance window (unattended update).

During the first week, Software Center will prompt you to schedule the updates. After that (if you “postpone” the update), it will automatically schedule and reboot as needed.

For more information or to adjust the maintenance schedule, please open Software Center on your computer:

  • Click the Start button,
  • type  “software center”, then ENTER.
  • From there, look in the OPTIONS section.


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