BOOKMARKS: Export & Import Chrome Bookmarks to an HTML File




How do I export and import my bookmarks from Google Chrome?


Use this info to backup or restore your Chrome bookmarks.

You can use the exported file to backup your bookmarks or import them to another browser session or computer.


  1. Click the Chrome menu button and select Bookmarks and then Bookmark manager, or on your keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+O.

    Chrome bookmarks


    2. From the Bookmark manager, click the three vertical dots in the far right hand corner and choose Export bookmarks.

    Export Chrome bookmarks


    3. Save your HTML file to your Documents folder for safe keeping.

    Documents folder


    Import bookmarks

    1. Click the Chrome menu button and select Bookmarks and then Import bookmarks and settings.

    Import bookmarks

    2. Select Bookmarks HTML File from the drop down and click Choose File.

    Bookmarks from HTML file


    3. Browse your Documents folder and locate your bookmark file to import.

    Find bookmarks


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