ZOOM: Using Zoom Rooms

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Most of our conference rooms with videoconferencing capabilities are set up as Zoom Rooms, which have a computer to run the Zoom meeting. You can still share content such as a PowerPoint presentation or documents from your laptop in a Zoom Room.

Some of the larger rooms such as Crying Wolf and the AIRC Gathering Place have multiple cameras. Select ZoomPC on the room control panel to bring up the Zoom Room, then tap the Cameras button to move to the camera control screen. Select which camera to show and adjust the view with the arrow and zoom in/zoom out buttons.

Use the Zoom Room control panel to control the Zoom Room once it is up on the monitor.


To start a scheduled meeting as the host:

  1. Tap Home on the Zoom Room controller
  2. Tap the topic of your scheduled meeting
  3. Tap Start
  4. Tap End when the meeting is done


To join a meeting using the meeting ID:

  1. Tap Home on the Zoom Room controller
  2. Tap Join and enter the meeting ID using the number pad
  3. Enter the passcode if prompted
  4. Tap Join
  5. Tap End when the meeting is done


To share your laptop screen to the meeting:

  1. Start or join a meeting using the Zoom Rooms controller
  2. Click the Share Content or Camera button on the iPad controller in the Zoom Room.
  3. Tap the Desktop tab.
  4. The controller and the TV in the Zoom Room will display the Share Laptop Screen panel with instructions to laptop users for sharing their screen. Participants can share using either the Zoom desktop client or a browser.
  5. In the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, click or tap Share screen.
  6. Enter the sharing key or meeting ID, then click Share (desktop) or tap OK (mobile).
    Note: If you share using one of these methods, Zoom will automatically share your entire screen. Use direct sharing with proximity or share.zoom.us if you want to select what you want to share.
    • Mobile app: Entering your sharing key or meeting ID.
    • Desktop client: Entering the sharing key.
  7. Select the screen or application you want to share, then click or tap Share.
    Your shared screen will show on the Zoom Rooms display. You can also access screen share controls.


To schedule a Zoom Room meeting:

  1. Invite the room as a participant from the Outlook calendar. The Zoom Room cannot schedule a meeting from an emailed link, it must be a calendar invite.
  2. You should receive an email showing that the room accepted the invitation. 


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