Receiving a BSU/NTC Mobile Device (Smartphone or tablet)

In order to receive a BSU/NTC mobile device (smart phone or tablet), you’ll need to get permission and complete a few forms.

If you or your employee wishes to obtain a mobile device — smartphone, tablet (iPad with or without data), or other wireless communication device or service, please contact the ITS help desk and ask to have a mobile device request sent to you.  Once we receive your submission, we’ll send you a message with next steps.

For more information, see the knowledge base article titled: FAQs-A Guide to Approving, Ordering & Using Cellular Services

BSU/NTC issued mobile devices are for business use only. Personal use is prohibited. If you have a college or university mobile device, you must comply with Minnesota State Procedure 5.22.2 (

Minnesota State requires each dept or office to annually re-certify employees that have been distributed a mobile device to make sure use still meets the continued business need standard.  It is the responsibility of supervisors to complete and return this review to IT department.  If the form is not completed and returned, service will be discontinued.  For information on smartphones, tablets or data plans, please contact the ITS help desk.


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