Assignments with TurnItIn

The Assignments tool provides a convenient way for students to electronically submit assignments. You can enable Turnitin on any assignment folder, which will compare student submissions to a vast repository of student papers and websites and generate a similarity report. This report helps you determine if parts of the submission were plagiarized.


Enable Turnitin for Assignment Folders
  1. Edit or Create an Assignment Folder (see Assignments Tutorial)
  2. Click the Evaluation and Feedback menu
  3. Click the Manage Turnitin link
    • NOTE: There are two parts to Turnitin: GradeMark and Originality Check. To use the Originality check, you must also enable the GradeMark option. However, you do not have to enter grades through the GradeMark feature, you can enter scores and feedback in the Evaluate page of the Assignments tool (more about this later in the tutorial).
  4. Recommendations: Click the Enable GradeMark, Automatically sync grades…, Enable Originality Check, and Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores…boxes.
  5. Scroll down and click the More Options in Turnitin button to set more options.
  6. Click the Optional Settings link.
  7. Under Submission settings, select where to submit the papers. Click the question mark icon next to any option to see more information.
    • Standard Paper Repository.
    • Do not store the submitted papers (Use this option if this is a first draft of the student’s paper).
  8. Click the checkbox to Allow submission of any type.
  9. If you want to check grammar, click the checkmark to Enable grammar checking and check additional settings.
  10. Continue setting your preferences.
    • Compare against
    • Similarity Report
  1. Click the box for Save these settings for future use
  2. Click Submit
  3. Click Save on the Turnitin options
  4. Click Save and Close for the Assignment folder
View Student Submissions and Leave Feedback

When you use Turnitin, you have two options for assessing student submissions:

  1. Use the Assignment folder Evaluate page as you do with other assignments.
  2. Use the Turnitin Grademark feature

Whatever method you choose, you can view a student’s similarity report by clicking on the similarity score percentage or by clicking the pencil icon next to a student’s submission. The notation “No Score” indicates that no score has been entered inside of Turnitin, or that the score has not been synced back to D2L.

OPTION 1: View Originality Report and Assess using D2L Evaluate

  1. View the originality report in Turnitin GradeMark by clicking on the similarity score or click the edit (pencil) icon next to a student’s submission.
  2. A new tab opens that takes you into Turnitin Feedback Studio. You can leave comments and use the markup tools in Turnitin if desired.
  3. When finished viewing the report, return to the D2L Assignment submission page and click on the Evaluate button for the student
  4. Enter a score and feedback and then click Publish

OPTION 2: View Originality Report and Assess using Turnitin

  1. To view the originality report and to enter a score in Turnitin GradeMark, click on the similarity score or click the edit (pencil) icon next to a student’s submission.
  2. A new tab opens that takes you into Turnitin Feedback Studio. You can leave comments and use the markup tools in Turnitin if desired. You will also see a score at the top of the page.
  3. When you enter a score in Turnitin, the score will be automatically transferred back into D2L in “draft” mode (if you selected automatic transfer in the Turnitin Settings). You may need to refresh your web page.
    NOTE: If you chose to manually transfer the scores back, you will need to manually click the sync button to get the scores to transfer, and you will also need to manually enter the score in the “Evaluate” area.
  4. After the scores are synched back to D2L, they need to be published. You can click the Evaluate/Draft Saved button and then click Publish, or you can click the arrow next to the student’s name and then click the Publish Feedback
    If you have a grade item in D2L that is connected to the assignment, the score will also transfer to the gradebook when published.

For more information about Turnitin, check out this resource page:


Additional Resources

Go to eLearning Website for detailed tutorials on many D2L topics.


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