Copy Course Materials from another D2L Shell




How do I copy course material from another D2L shell?


You can use the Copy Course Components tool to copy course information from one D2L shell to another.  You can copy such course components as Content, Announcements, Assignment folders, Gradebook, Quizzes, Surveys, course files, etc.

There is a helpful video tutorial for this article.

  1. To copy components, you must be in the receiving.
  2. Click the Course Admin link in the navigation bar.
  3. Click Import/Export/Copy Components.
  4. Select Copy Components from another Org Unit.
  5. Click Search for offering.
  6. To pull up a list of all of your courses, click the Magnifying glass icon, or enter the course number and click search.
  7. Select the course you want to copy FROM by clicking the radio button to the left of the course.
    Note: You can sort the list of courses by clicking on a table heading such as Semester.
  8. Click Add Selected.
  9. At the bottom of the page, click Copy All Components; or, click Select Components, if you want to choose specific items to copy.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. If you chose to “Select individual items to copy” for any of the course components, you will be prompted to make your selections. NOTE: You may need to click the (+) expand button to see available items.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are copying items from the Content area of a course, you must also leave the “Include Associated files” box checked. Otherwise, you are only copying the content structure and the actual files will not be copied to the new course.

  1. When finished selecting components, click Finish
  2. RECOMMENDATION: Go through your D2L class shell to make sure that everything you wanted to copy over has been copied. Also check weblinks to make sure they are working properly.


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