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How do I create/edit/delete assignments in D2L?


The Assignments tool provides a convenient way for students to electronically submit assignments. You can then leave feedback and enter scores.

Create an Assignments Folder


  • Create a Practice folder to give students the opportunity to try out the Assignments tool before an actual assignment is due.
  • Use letters and numbers for Assignment titles. DO NOT use characters such as the period (.) or pound sign (#). If students use these characters in the file name of their document, it may cause problems when they upload and when you try to access the document.
  1. Click the Assessments menu and then click Assignments.
  2. Click the New Assignment button at the top of the page.
  3. Type an appropriate Name for the folder in the Name field. For example, Assignment 1. NOTE: You should only use letters and numbers for Assignment titles. DO NOT use characters such as the period (.) or pound sign (#).
  4. If the assignment will be graded, click into the Score Out Of box and add the total points possible.
    • If you have not created a grade item, a grade item will be created automatically. If the grade item needs to be placed in an existing grade category, click the In Grades menu, click Choose from Grades, select the Grade Category, then click OK.
    • If you already have a grade item created, click the In Grades menu, click Choose from Grades, click Link to an existing grade item, select the grade item and click OK.
  5. Click in the Due Date box to select a Due Date. An ending time of 11:59pm will be automatically entered, but you can change the ending time if needed.
    NOTE: If you only set a Due Date, and do not add an End Date (i.e. step 7 below) students will be able to submit their assignments past the due date; however, you will see a notation of how late the submission was.
  6. [Optional] In the Instructions text box, type instructions to your students regarding the assignment.
  7. To set Start and/or End Dates and Release Conditions for the assignment, click the Availability Dates & Conditions menu. Start and End dates control when the student can submit to the folder.
  8. Click the Submission & Completion menu to set Assignment Type and other settings.
    a. Assignment Type: In most cases you will select the default setting for Individual assignment. NOTE: Group assignment will only be used if you have created Groups.
    b. For Submission type, select one of the following options
    1. File submission: Use this option if the students will submit a document such as Word, Excel, PPT, Image, etc.
    2. Text submission: Use this option if the students need to send you a link to a video that they have created and uploaded to MediaSpace or YouTube, or if you want students to briefly type in a few sentences as their assignment submission.
    3. On paper submission: no file or text submission required.
    4. Observed in person: no file or text submission required.
    c. Choose an option under Files Allowed per Submission by clicking on the radio button next to Unlimited, or One file.
    d. Choose an option under Submissions by clicking on the radio button next to All submissions are kept, Only the most recent submission is kept, or Only one submission allowed.
  9. Click the Evaluation & Feedback menu to add a Rubric or enable Turnitin,
    a. If you want to attach a Rubric, click Add Rubric and then click Create New or Add Existing. Complete the Rubric or select one from the list.
    b. To enable Turnitin, click the Manage Turnitin link
  10. Click Save and Close.
View Student Submissions and Leave Feedback

After students submit Assignments, you will see a summary of activity such as how many submissions have been made for each assignment, and due dates.

1. To view student submissions, click the name of an Assignments folder.
2. Click the Evaluate link located to the far right of a student’s name.

NOTE: By default, you will only see students who have submitted to the folder. If you want to see all student names, (so that you can give feedback to those who did not submit to the assignment), you can do the following:
a. Next to the Search box, click Show Search Options
b. Under Submissions, click the menu and select Show everyone.
c. Click the magnifying glass icon to complete the search for all users.

3. On the Evaluate Submission page, in the left frame, click on the name of the student’s file. This will open the file in the document viewer.
4. In the right frame, enter a Score, if applicable.
5. In the Feedback text box, type in comments you wish to convey to the student regarding his/her assignment.
6. If you would like to return a file to a student (for example, a critiqued copy of their document), click Add a File located under Attachments, click Upload and select the file. Click Add.
7. Save the Feedback. You have two options:
a. Publish. The student’s score and your feedback will be available to the student immediately.
b. Save Draft: The student’s score and your feedback will be saved, but will not available to the student. You can save drafts of all student submission feedback and then publish them later.

If you saved feedback as Draft, you must Publish the feedback later.
1. From the main Assignments page, click the folder that has draft feedback saved.
2. Click the box at the top of the list of students to select all (or click on individual student names).
3. Click the Publish Feedback link, located just above the list of student names
4. Click Yes.

Edit an Assignment

1. To make changes to an Assignment, click the arrow next to the folder name and click Edit Assignment.
2. Make the desired change(s), and click Save.

Delete an Assignment

1. To delete an Assignment, click the arrow next to the Assignment name and click Delete.
2. On the confirmation message box, click Delete.

Re-Order Assignments and Categories

1. Click the More Actions button and click Re-Order.
2. Use the dropdown menus to the right of each category and/or folder to select a new order.
3. Click Save.

Additional Resources

Go to eLearning Website for detailed tutorials on many D2L topics. https://www.bemidjistate.edu/academics/distance/elearning/d2l-handouts-and-videos/


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