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How do I use the announcement tools in D2L?


The Announcements tool allows you to post messages on your Course Home page. This is the first thing that students see when they log into your course. In this tutorial, you will:

  • Create an Announcement
  • Insert a Quicklink into an Announcement
  • Embed a MediaSpace or YouTube video into an Announcement
  • Reorder Announcements

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Create an Announcement
  1. Click the arrow next to Announcements and select New Announcement
  2. Type in an appropriate Headline, such as, “Course Introduction”
  3. Type in your message in the Content box
  4. [Optional] Scroll down and set Availability options, such as a Start Date NOTE: If you set a Start Date in the future, the Announcement will be “scheduled” and will not appear on the course home page until that date.
  5. [Optional] To add a file to the Announcement, scroll down to the Attachments section.
      1. Click on the Add a File button
      2. Click Upload and select the file from your computer
      3. Then click Add
  6. Click Publish, and it will appear on your course home page NOTE: If the message is incomplete, click Save as Draft, and then return to edit and publish the announcement later.
  7. Click Course Home to view your Announcement
  8. To view all announcements (including drafts and scheduled), click the Communications menu and then click Announcements
  9. To Edit an Announcement, click the arrow next to an item and click Edit (be sure to save changes).
Insert a Quicklink

You can insert a QuickLink to an online resource or to another area of your course.

  1. Create a New Announcement, or Edit an existing Announcement.
  2. To link to an online video (such as YouTube or MediaSpace):
      1. Open another tab on your browser and go to the video you wish to link to
      2. Click the Share button and then Copy the URL (web address)
      3. Go back to your Announcement in D2L
      4. Click the Insert QuickLink button on the toolbar (link icon)
      5. Select URL
      6. Paste the URL in the URL box
      7. Type a Title for the link in the Title box
      8. For Target, select New Window
      9. Click Insert
  3. To link to another area of your course (such as a Content Topic or Quiz):
      1. Click the Insert QuickLink button on the toolbar
      2. Select the area you wish to link to (such as Content)
      3. Select the specific item you wish to link to. A link will be added to your Announcement
  4. Publish or Update the Announcement
Embed a MediaSpace Video into an Announcement
  1. Create a New Announcement, or Edit an existing Announcement.
  2. Place your cursor where you want the video to appear and then click the Insert Stuff button
  3. Select My Media

Edit Announcement


4. Click the Select button to the right of the video you want to add


My Media


  1. Click Insert
  2. Update or Save your Announcement
Embed a YouTube (or similar) Video into an Announcement
  1. Go to the video in MediaSpace or YouTube
  2. Click the Share button under the video
  3. Click the Embed button or tab
  4. Copy the Embed Code
  5. Go to your D2L course
  6. Create a New Announcement, or Edit an existing Announcement
  7. Place your cursor where you want the video to appear and then click the Insert Stuff button on the toolbar, which looks like a “play” button
  8. Select Enter Embed Code
  9. Paste in the Embed code
  10. Click Next, then click Insert
  11. Update or Save your Announcement
Delete an Announcement
  1. Click on drop-down arrow to the right of the Announcement click Delete.
  2. Click Yes.
Reorder Announcements
  1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Announcements
  2. Click Reorder Announcements

D2L announcement tool


3. Use Sort Order to choose your placement


Sort order


  1. Click Save


Additional Resources

Go to eLearning Website for detailed tutorials on many D2L topics.



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