VPN: How to disconnect from DirectAccess to connect to VPN to use ISRS?




How do I disconnect from DirectAccess so I can connect to VPN?


DirectAccess allows connectivity for remote users to an organization’s network resources without the need for traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, programs such as ISRS or MarketPlace do not work while connected to DirectAccess and to access these programs you will need to use VPN. Here is how you can disconnect from DirectAccess on your computer and connect to VPN.

  1. You can tell if you have DirectAccess active on your machine by clicking on your network icon in the system tray to view your available wireless networks. If BSU NTC DirectAccess is listed at the top of that list you have DirectAccess activated on your device.

Direct Access


2. Click on BSU NTC DirectAccess to open the DirectAccess dialog box.

Direct Access Connected

3. Click on BSU NTC DirectAccess to select it and bring up a Disconnect button. Click on Disconnect.

Disconnect from Direct Access

4. This will disconnect you from DirectAccess.  Notice the Disconnect button has changed to a Connect button.

Disconnected from Direct Access

5. At this point you can follow the instructions to connect to VPN.


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