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How do I add remote proctor now to D2L?


Students do NOT access the exam by clicking the RPN module. Keep this module hidden or unpublished. Students should not have access to this module.
To take exams, BSU students will go to:


1. Create a new module named Remote Proctor NowClick Existing Activities and then External Learning Tools.

Remote proctor now

2.  Choose Remote Proctor Now

Remote proctor now1

3.Click the blue Remote Proctor link in the new Content Module:

4.This will give you access to the integration inside of D2L.

Set up an exam in D2L

1. Create your exam using the Quiz tool in D2L (Go to Assessments>Quizzes or Edit Course).
2. In the Quiz setting click on the Restrictions tab.
3. Expand Optional Advanced Restrictions options.
4. Create a password for the exam. Do not share this password with students.

Note: Spaces and the following special characters are not allowed in the quiz title or
password field: # < > : ,\ / ? *| &. Otherwise use any random variation of keyboard
strokes. The RPNow LTI link will display the password in the instructor view of
manage exams once synced.

5. Set the exam to “Active” and add a Start Date if needed (Restrictions tab).
RPNow will not find quizzes unless they are active and have a password restriction.
Review all other exam settings, verify they are accurate, and Save.

Register your exam with Remote Proctor NOW

1. Return to the RPNow LTI link created in your D2L course to create an exam profile
(optional) and register your exam.

2. RPNow uses a default “Closed Book” Exam Rule Profile that prohibits the use of
any resources. Create a new profile if you have allowed resources or want to provide any other notes to the monitors. Select Exam Rule Profile > Create New Profile, enter profile name, select additional options, and click Create Profile.

3. To register your exam, select Exams > Register New Exam.

4. Select Proctored Exam (for video monitoring – fee based) or Practice Exam (not
monitored – free)

Note: As a best practice, require a Practice Exam early in the course, at least one week prior to proctored exams, to help ensure familiarity with the product and to ensure they meet the necessary requirements. It is best to make these practice exams around 5-10 minutes long. Practice exams will not be reviewed by Remote Proctor.

5. Click inside the blank text field to select from available quizzes. You may select multiple items to register them all at once. Keep in mind, you cannot change a practice exam to a proctored exam and vice versa. You will have to create a new copy of the quiz (More Actions > Copy) and start over if you need to make this change.

6. For a Proctored Exam, enter the additional information for Exam Duration, approximate Number of Students, Exam Rule Profile, and Submit.

7. Click on View Managed Exams when done or select Exams > Manage Registered Exams.

8. Provide the Remote Proctoring URL to students.

Remote Proctor Now Faculty Help
faculty support line 1-855-436-2038


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