How to schedule a Zoom meeting for another user

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How can I schedule a Zoom meeting for another user?


Scheduling on Another's Behalf Using the Zoom Desktop Client.

  1. First be sure the user has granted you permission to schedule a meeting on their behalf. Here is the knowledge base article on how to grant scheduling privileges.
  2. After privileges have been granted you will need to close completely out of Zoom and log back in to have the access available.
  3. Sign into the Zoom desktop client using and your StarID password
    • Students would sign into Zoom using and your StarID password.
  4. Then, select Schedule

Zoom Desktop Schedule Button

       5. Under Options, Select Advanced Options to access the Schedule For menu. You should see all the names of any user who has shared their calendars in the drop down menu.

Schedule a meeting options


Scheduling on Another's Behalf Using the Zoom Microsoft Outlook Add-In

  1. In Outlook Calendar view the other users calendar. Then right click on the date/time desired and select New Appointment.
  2. Select the Schedule a Meeting button to schedule a Zoom meeting and enter the desired settings in the dialog box that appears.
  3. Select Continue to complete scheduling.

Zoom scheduling a meeting.


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