Setting Up Outlook After Removing the Profile

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How do I set up an Outlook profile after it's been removed?


How to set up Outlook after removing the profile:

1.  Once you open Outlook after deleting your profile, you will be prompted to create a New Profile. Please name it Outlook or Outlook1 and click OK.

New mail profile

2.  You may be prompted for account information, but if you are logged into a domain (on-campus) machine with your account, it will automatically pull the information in.

Add account

3.  Enter the relevant account information and click Next. Then click OK at the restart warning.

Add email account for outlook

4.  Click Finish.

Complete mail set up

5.  You should then see Outlook preparing for first use. It may take a couple of minutes before the account is fully loaded and functional. This will only add the account you entered account information for and any departmental/secondary accounts the user is associated with at a server level. Any other accounts will need to be added separately.

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