Reporting Phone Moves for 911 Purposes

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I moved my BSU/NTC phone, now what do I do?


You can move your phone. HOWEVER, due to 911 reporting requirements, you MUST report the move by submitting a ticket with your extension and the new building and room number to the ITS Service Desk.

If you do not report the change, emergency responders will report to the wrong location in the event of an emergency. If you are moving offices, remember to also update your personal information in MyBSU.  This information is used for both the online and paper directories.

Please make a note of how your network cables are plugged into your phone before you disconnect everything.  The cable comes out of the network jack in the wall and goes into the 2nd jack down on the back of the phone labeled with a picture of two computers.  It then comes out of the top button which is labeled PC and goes to your computer or switch.


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Tue 2/1/22 8:34 PM
Tue 2/1/22 8:34 PM