Information Technology Services

Categories (10)

Login Issues

Problems logging into Microsoft 365 (email), StarID, D2L, etc.

Accounts, Passwords, and Permissions

Assistance for password and login assistance, MFA, Employee onboarding and Offboarding, Keyless Entry, WordPress, ImageNow permissions.

Computer Hardware, Software, and Printing

Assistance with equipment, software, operating systems, and printing. Evaluation of computer, tablet, laptop, printer, copier or other tech for purchase, replacement, loan or surplus. Repair requests for same.

Administrative Applications and Reporting (Employee)

Request assistance with applications, such as ImageNow, ISRS, and CAP server, or request access to reports.

Communication and Collaboration

Event/Conference IT setup or equipment check out request. Email and Office 365 and shared network drive requests. Requests for Phone service, Zoom or Teams assistance.

Network and Connectivity

Report problems with network or internet connectivity. Register wireless device. Request other network services.

Educational Technology

D2L Help. Consultation on classroom setup and faculty requests for help with audio visual technology. Computer Lab request or report a problem.

Our Website

Services related to and website content, tools, issues, etc.

Information Security and Keyless Entry

Report phishing, virus and malware. Report stolen laptops and tablets. Request door lock schedules change or door access request change.

Services (2)

Report a Problem

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.

Request Information

Please use this category to request information if the request can not be found in other categories or services.