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If you have a general Finance question about NextGen or Workday?

I would like to get a new software or renew an existing license that is about to expire.

Self-service resources available and how to escalate questions or issues.

Request to add or remove keycard access for yourself or your employees

Update contact / directory info for yourself or your department.

Report a problem with a site that we operate or manage.

Workday uses Security Roles to provide employees with appropriate access to data, reports, and business processes to perform tasks within the system. In Workday, security roles are assigned to positions, not people which is different from ISRS.

Request for physical brass keys.

If there isn't a good spot to put your request for access, please use this request. This should be submitted by the supervisor.

Request an update to the content on one of our websites.

Shared mailbox creation/deletion for a department, club or organization request.

Please use this category to request information if the request can not be found in other categories or services.

Request to have TV, gaming or streaming device connected to the Residential Hall network

If you are having problems logging into your BSU/NTC accounts this is where you can ask for help.

Request a new office or department website.

Report a printer problem or request for assistance printing or using WebPrint.

Request equipment and technical support for events.

Employee onboarding request for IT Services; including accounts and access, equipment checkout and software requests, phones and voicemail setup.

Workday questions for Business Services/Finance

Are you having problems finding or accessing workday?

Request a change in ImageNow workflows, document types, and annotations.

Request to have Hardware/Device (including printers) moved, checked out, requested, picked up or returned.

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.