Popular Services

Request to add or remove keycard access for yourself or your employees

Request an update to the content on one of our websites.

Request access change to shared network drives or network folders for yourself of another employee.

Use this request to start exchanging information about your marketing needs.

Use this service request to notify IT that a VOIP phone is being moved.

Employee onboarding request for IT Services; including accounts and access, equipment checkout and software requests, phones and voicemail setup.

Report a computer problem or ask a computer related question.

Request for the physical brass keys

Report a problem with a site that we operate or manage.

Please use this to request assistance with an existing fax line, fax to email, or XM Fax.

I would like to get a new software or renew an existing license that is about to expire.

I need a printer physically moved or removed.

Request to have TV, gaming or streaming device connected to the Residential Hall network

Request to remove or add editor access to our website (WordPress).

Please use this category to request information if the request can not be found in other categories or services.

If you have a specific software or process you are hoping to receive IT training on you can request that here.

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.

If you are having problem with a software or getting it installed you can request assistance here.

Request to have Hardware/Device (including printers) moved, checked out, requested, picked up or returned.

Report a printer problem or request for assistance printing or using WebPrint.

Data Recovery for Group storage, personal storage, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Email/OneDrive. This can also be used to restore data stored on a departmental server.

Employee offboarding request for IT Services; including, accounts and access review & removal, equipment return, phones, and voicemail reset.

Request access to a tool in the Tools menu for employees.

Request a quote for new hardware or Peripherals.

Request for a cellular or mobile device (including a new iPad request).