Request to Onboard a Student Worker

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What is this?

Student worker onboarding process for IT Services; including account access and equipment checkout.  Option for multiple requests.

What information will you need for this request?

Please have the name and StarID of your new student worker. If possible please provide a StarID of another student worker who's access/rights you would like to copy for the new student worker.

Please let us know if there will be computer equipment needed for the student worker or special software needs.

There is an option to upload an excel spreadsheet to process multiple new student workers at once. Please be sure that spreadsheet includes the full name and StarID of the new students hired. Then enter the current/existing student you would wish to copy access from in the request form.

Please complete the student worker payroll paperwork prior to requesting their IT access. Until the student worker is officially hired and in the system their accounts are not created for IT to grant access to.

Where can I get it?

Please click the "Request Service" button.

Who can use this?


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