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Services or Offerings?
If you are trying to find a new technological solution to a problem and are needing a little expert advice we can help.

Request business cards, name badges, letterhead and envelopes.

Request design services for things like custom promotional items, invitations, posters, flyers, etc.

If you find a bug or have feedback on our new ITSM software/process

Use this service request to notify IT that a VOIP phone is being moved.

Report a computer problem or ask a computer related question.

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.

Report a problem with the technology in a classroom.

Report a problem in a lab either physically on campus or remote.

Reporting a problem with your office phone or voicemail.

Is your ID Card not allowing you access to a building or room?

Report a problem with a site that we operate or manage.

Are you having trouble signing into MyBSU, MyNTC, D2L, eServices, Zoom or other applications?

If you are experiencing a problem logging in or using ImageNow please use this request.

I am having a problem connecting to the Internet.