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Services or Offerings?
Request business cards, name badges, letterhead and envelopes.

Requests for changing your bio info and/or photo.

Request design services for things like custom promotional items, invitations, posters, flyers, etc.

If you find a bug or have feedback on our new ITSM software/process

Request for Multi-Level Security access on your BSU-issued laptop.

After a name change has been processed in the system via HR or Records then IT is able to update your email address to reflect the new name.

Use this service request to notify IT that a VOIP phone is being moved.

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.

Is your ID Card not allowing you access to a building or room?

Request an update to the content on one of our websites.

Lab Managers requesting Lab Usage Reports

Request a news or media release on campus-related news-worthy events be developed and distributed.

Creation of a new GO Link (e.g.

Request a new office or department website.

Request access to a tool in the Tools menu for employees.