CAP Server or REPL Data Assistance

What is this?

If you are having issues or need assistance with applications or reports ran within the CAP Server environment.

What information will you need for this request?

  • List the report(s) or application(s) you are requesting assistance with.
    • If you need access to a report, please view "Where can I get it?"
  • Are you running locally from workstation or within the CAP Server environment?

Where can I get it?

  • If you need access to a report using REPL data or a password reset - please click here to be redirected to the System Office Operational Data information. 
  • If you need help logging into the CAP Server for the first time, please click this KB article:  Logging in to the CAP server (Staff)
    • If you need access to the CAP Server, please click the "Request Service" button.
  • For all other requests, please click the "Request Service" button to start this request.


Who can use this?


Request Service


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Fri 7/16/21 2:11 PM
Mon 7/24/23 8:45 AM