Administrative Applications and Reporting (Employee)

Request new or updated reports and Administrative Applications, such as ImageNow, ISRS and CAP server

Categories (1)

ImageNow (Perceptive Experience)

Report a problem with ImageNow or request a change/update.

Services (6)

Request a Lab Usage Report (Lab Managers only)

Lab Managers requesting Lab Usage Reports

Request Assistance with Application Services

Application services - for example, Fusion, Handshake, Hockey Tickets, Blackboard, Badgepass, StarRez, etc.

Request Assistance with Data Requests

Use this for BSU/NTC data requests.

Request Assistance with ISRS Data

Use this service to learn ways to receive access to ISRS data.

Request Assistance with PowerBI Reports

Use this service to find ways to request access and use PowerBI.

Request Assistance with the CAP Server or REPL Data

Requesting assistance with issues or access needs you may have with applications ran from within the CAP server environment.