Request Guest WiFi Access

What is this?

If you do not have StarID credentials for BSU/NTC, there are other options for WiFi access.

What are the options?

eduroam is available on our campus for all visiting faculty and students from other higher ed institutions, not just MinnState. Here are some knowledge base articles on eduroam and how you can use it.

Conference Key - non-eduroam accounts

Where can I get it?

If the visitor does not have an account with another higher ed institution then you can request the Conference Key to access the guest wireless on campus. Please click the request service button to request the key.

Please note Information Technology Services is not open on nights or weekends so please plan ahead if you will be needing the key during these times. This key rotates weekly, Monday morning at 3 AM, so even if someone has been given the key previously that does not mean they will be able to connect when they return in the future.

Who can use this?

Employees and Students.

Request Service


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