Office phones, voicemail pin reset, long distance code, department cell phone, or Fax request.

Services (7)

Notify IT of a Phone move

Use this service request to notify IT that a VOIP phone is being moved.

Request assistance with Faxing

Please use this to request assistance with an existing fax line, fax to email, or XM Fax.

Request to terminate a phone line.

If you no longer need a phone line please submit this request to request ITS disable it.

Problem/question with Office Phone or Voicemail

Reporting a problem with your office phone or voicemail.

Request a Voicemail Pin Reset

Voicemail pin reset request.

Request Office Phone

Please use this service to request a new phone or additional phone for your office/department.

Request a Cellular or Mobile Computing Device (Employees)

Request for a cellular or mobile device (including a new iPad request).