Computer Hardware, Software, and Printing

Assistance with equipment, software, operating systems, and printing. Evaluation of computer, tablet, laptop, printer, copier or other tech for purchase, replacement, loan or surplus. Repair requests for same.

Categories (2)


Report a printer problem or request for assistance printing or using WebPrint. Printer relocation or removal request

Software Request

Assistance with a software, installing or requesting a new software purchase

Services (6)

Computer Problem

Report a computer problem or ask a computer related question.

Hardware to be Dropped Off/Moved/Picked Up

Request to have Hardware/Device (including printers) moved, checked out, requested, picked up or returned.

Request a Quote for Hardware or Peripherals

Request a quote for new hardware or Peripherals.

Returning Cellular or Mobile Device (Employee)

Returning a BSU/NTC owned Cellular or Mobile device which includes, cell phone, iPad, mobile hotspot.

Request a Cellular or Mobile Computing Device (Employees)

Request for a cellular or mobile device (including a new iPad request).

Multi-Level Security Request

Request for Multi-Level Security access on your BSU-issued laptop.