Hardware to be Dropped Off/Moved/Picked Up

What is this?

Request to have a hardware/equipment (including printers) dropped off, picked up, moved.

If this is for a Computer Lab, please click here:  Computer Lab Requests

How is this used?

You will want the following information to submit this request.

  • Dropped Off
    • What are you dropping off or mailing?
    • When would you like to drop it off?
    • Where would you like to drop it off?  (BSU or NTC Service Desk)
  • Picked Up
    • What would you like us to pick up?
    • Where is it? (building and room number).
    • List any/all asset numbers.
  • Moved
    • What are you wanting IT to move for you?
    • Physical location for initial pick up and where are we moving it to.
    • List any/all asset numbers.

Where can I get it?

Click the "Request Service" button.

Who can use this?


Request Service


Service ID: 177
Fri 7/16/21 11:11 AM
Mon 7/17/23 2:24 PM