Request a new GO Link

How is this used?

GO Links are temporary links that are used when someone is required to manually type in a URL (e.g. a print ad). When someone visits a GO Link they are redirected to a page on the BSU or NTC website. (NOTE: Go links should never be used as links on a site since it will cause issues with search engines.)

Once your request is approved Web Services will setup the GO Link for you. The following information is required when requesting a GO Link.

  • GO Link URL. The text you would like used at the end of the URL.
    • e.g.
    • e.g.
  • The destination URL. The page where you want people to be redirected to.
  • Expiration date.

Who can use this?


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Fri 7/16/21 6:08 PM
Wed 7/20/22 2:42 PM