Report a Problem with Keyless Access

What is this?

If you are having problems with your ID Card not allowing you access into buildings or rooms that you would expect.

What information will you need for this request?

Please be sure to have the following information ready when submitting this request:

  • Building with the door number (typically posted above the exterior doors) you have tried
  • If an interior door please be sure to list out which room numbers
  • What date and time you tried to access the building or room and it failed.
  • Did the card reader change color or beep when you tried?
  • Is the ID Card physically bent or damaged? If so please look in where can I get it below

Where can I get it?

If your ID Card is physically damaged or bent (this includes non-factory punch holes) please go to Info Desk - 2nd Floor - Upper Hobson Union and get a new card.

For all other requests please click "Get Help".

Who can use this?

Employees and Students

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Tue 7/20/21 11:04 AM
Wed 11/17/21 3:51 PM