Request Data Recovery

What is this?

When you delete a file or folder on your group storage such as the J: drive.  If you have deleted information from your personal storage or have misplaced documents within your Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Email/OneDrive.  If you have data recovery you need for a departmental server with speciality applications.

What information will you need for this request?

  • If file/folder restore - please list exact location the file was previously stored.
  • If Microsoft Teams Restore - please view "Where can I get it?"
  • If Microsoft Office 365 Email - please view "Where can I get it?"
  • If Microsoft OneDrive - please view "Where can I get it?"
  • If data recovery for Server - please list server/application you need to have restored.

Where can I get it?

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Fri 7/16/21 1:04 PM
Wed 11/3/21 10:18 AM