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Assistance in Finding New Technology Solution

If you are trying to find a new technological solution to a problem and are needing a little expert advice we can help.


Business Cards, Name Badges, Letterhead and Envelopes

Request business cards, name badges, letterhead and envelopes.


Graphic Design Services

Request design services for things like custom promotional items, invitations, posters, flyers, etc.


ITSM (TeamDynamix) Service Management Portal, Customer Feedback.

If you find a bug or have feedback on our new ITSM software/process


Notify IT of a Phone move

Use this service request to notify IT that a VOIP phone is being moved.


Report a Computer Problem

Report a computer problem or ask a computer related question.

Report a Problem

Please use this category when the request is not found in other categories or services.

Report a Problem in a Classroom

Report a problem with the technology in a classroom.

Report a Problem in a Lab

Report a problem in a lab either physically on campus or remote.

Report a problem with an Office Phone or Voicemail

Reporting a problem with your office phone or voicemail.

Report a Problem with Keyless Access

Is your ID Card not allowing you access to a building or room?

Report a Problem with our Website

Report a problem with a site that we operate or manage.

Report Account Logins and Access Problems

Are you having trouble signing into MyBSU, MyNTC, D2L, eServices, Zoom or other applications?

Report an ImageNow Problem.

If you are experiencing a problem logging in or using ImageNow please use this request.

Report an Internet Connection Problem

I am having a problem connecting to the Internet.

Report Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Issues

Report any difficulties with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Request a Brass Key

Request for the physical brass keys

Request a Cellular or Mobile Computing Device (Employees)

Request for a cellular or mobile device (including a new iPad request).

Request a Change in ImageNow.

Request a change in ImageNow workflows, document types, and annotations.

Request a Change to Website Content

Request an update to the content on one of our websites.

Request a Lab Usage Report (Lab Managers only)

Lab Managers requesting Lab Usage Reports

Request a Long Distance Code

Request a long distance calling code.

Request a Media Pitch

Request a news or media release on campus-related news-worthy events be developed and distributed.

Request a new GO Link

Creation of a new GO Link (e.g.

Request a new Network Jack/Network Jack Repair

Request a new network jack, or report broken/damaged jack.

Request a New Website

Request a new office or department website.

Request a Photographer

Request a photographer photograph an event, department head shots, etc.

Request a PowerBI License

Use this service to request a PowerBI license.

Request a Printer Relocation or Removal

I need a printer physically moved or removed.

Request a Project Evaluation

If you have a project you need IT assistance please submit the following request

Request a Quote for Hardware or Peripherals

Request a quote for new hardware or Peripherals.

Request a Shared Mailbox

Shared mailbox creation/deletion for a department, club or organization request.

Request a Voicemail Pin Reset

Voicemail pin reset request.

Request Access or Permission Change to Document Storage (Imagenow)

Request a new ImageNow account or a permission change for your employee.

Request Access or Permission Change to the Calendar (LiveWhale)

Request to add or remove access to the event calendar (LiveWhale).

Request Access to a MyBSU/MyNTC Tool

Request access to a tool in the Tools menu for employees.

Request Access to a Remote Lab

Request access for the remote labs

Request Access/Permission Change to a Website (WordPress)

Request to remove or add editor access to our website (WordPress).

Request Adobe Access

Request access to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Request Assistance for other/misc Network Services

Please use this service to make any other network request that you do not see listed in another service.

Request Assistance Installing a Printer on a BSU/NTC issued Mac

A link the Knowledge Base article on how to add a printer on a BSU/NTC issued Mac, and directions on how to request additional help if needed.

Request Assistance involving anything Information Security related

I have experienced an issue involving information security.

Request Assistance with a Building Lock/Unlock Schedule Change (Keyless Entry)

Request to change the building lock schedule

Request Assistance with a Software or Getting it Installed

If you are having problem with a software or getting it installed you can request assistance here.

Request Assistance with Application Services

Application services - for example, Fusion, Handshake, Hockey Tickets, Blackboard, Badgepass, StarRez, etc.

Request Assistance with Consultation/Initial Planning regarding Imagenow

If you would like to start using ImageNow in your department.

Request Assistance with Data Requests

Use this for BSU/NTC data requests.

Request assistance with Faxing

Please use this to request assistance with an existing fax line, fax to email, or XM Fax.

Request Assistance with ISRS Data

Use this service to learn ways to receive access to ISRS data.

Request Assistance with Microsoft 365 (including Email)

I need assistance with my email or Microsoft 365

Request Assistance with PowerBI Reports

Use this service to find ways to request access and use PowerBI.

Request Assistance with Software Procurement/Renewals

I would like to get a new software or renew an existing license that is about to expire.

Request Assistance with the CAP Server or REPL Data

Requesting assistance with issues or access needs you may have with applications ran from within the CAP server environment.

Request assistance with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

I need assistance with Zoom or Teams.

Request Branded Item Donation

Approved branded promotional items are available for purchase through a third party vendor.

Request Campus-wide Digital Signage

Use this service to request digital signage/provide digital signage for campus display.

Request D2L Support

Request assistance or report a problem in D2L.

Request Data Recovery

Data Recovery for Group storage, personal storage, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Email/OneDrive. This can also be used to restore data stored on a departmental server.

Request Equipment for Check Out

Request to check out equipment such as projectors, headsets, webcams, and video cameras.

Request Event Equipment and Setup Reservation

Request equipment and technical support for events.

Request Guest WiFi Access

Request to get the BSU Conference password for non-BSU people on campus or information about eduroam

Request Hardware to be Dropped Off/Moved/Picked Up

Request to have Hardware/Device (including printers) moved, checked out, requested, picked up or returned.

Request Increased Storage

When you need to increase your storage on shared group drives such as J: drives.

Request Information

Please use this category to request information if the request can not be found in other categories or services.

Request IT Training On Room Equipment

Use this request if you have questions or would like training on a specific classroom or meeting room.

Request Keyless Entry Access (ID-Keycard)

Request to add or remove keycard access for yourself or your employees

Request Mass-Student Email

If you’re a faculty or staff member looking to send out a mass email to students, use this form.

Request Office Phone

Please use this service to request a new phone or additional phone for your office/department.

Request Office/Building Signage

Includes evaluation requests for office signage and exterior signage.

Request Photos from the Archive

Requests high resolution images from the Bemidji State University photography archives.

Request Printer Support

Report a printer problem or request for assistance printing or using WebPrint.

Request Regarding a Computer Lab

Software install request on labs, move or change a current lab.

Request Registration of a Gaming or Streaming Device

Request to have TV, gaming or streaming device connected to the Residential Hall network

Request to Add/Remove/Change/Inquiry Account Access

Request access change to shared network drives or network folders for yourself of another employee.

Request to Offboard a Student Worker

Student worker offboarding process for IT Services; including account access removal and equipment return. To be filled out by the supervisor. Options for multiple requests.

Request to Offboard an Employee

Employee offboarding request for IT Services; including, accounts and access review & removal, equipment return, phones, and voicemail reset.

Request to Onboard a Student Worker

Student worker onboarding process for IT Services; including account access and equipment checkout. To be filled out by the Supervisor. Option for multiple requests.

Request to Onboard an Employee

Employee onboarding request for IT Services; including accounts and access, equipment checkout and software requests, phones and voicemail setup.

Request Training (misc)

If you have a specific software or process you are hoping to receive IT training on you can request that here.

Request Video Streaming or Event Recording

Use this request if IT assistance is needed for setting up, recording, or streaming an event.

Request VPN Remote Access or Report a Problem

Request VPN access, or report a problem with Cisco VPN or Direct Access.

Returning Cellular or Mobile Device (Employee)

Returning a BSU/NTC owned Cellular or Mobile device which includes, cell phone, iPad, mobile hotspot.


Share Local News Coverage

Use this service to share local news coverage on BSU or NTC news.

Submit a Faculty Achievement

Request a faculty achievement to be shared or written and posted to BSU or NTC News.

Submit a News Story Idea

Request an article to be shared or written and posted to BSU or NTC News.

Submit a request to the Office of Communications and Marketing

Use this request to start exchanging information about your marketing needs.

Submit Event Help Request

Use this service to request event support from the Office of Communications and Marketing